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eCommerce Weekly Checklist: Email Marketing

Problem/Opportunity: One of the most powerful marketing tools for an ecommerce business is email marketing. To begin, you need a list of email addresses (database) and a system to create and send emails (you canContinue Reading

7 Major Mistakes Smart Ecommerce Entrepreneur Make

In my 18+ years of doing ecommerce business, I’ve seen many entrepreneurs who have succeeded and thriving in their ecommerce business as well as many who have struggled and ultimately failed. It makes me wonderContinue Reading

eCommerce Weekly Checklist: Facebook for eCommerce

The Problem/Opportunity Facebook connects people. As such, it has also become a powerful marketing tool that creates a bridge between customers and businesses. However, many marketers fail to fully maximize Facebook for eCommerce by inadvertentlyContinue Reading

5 Signs your Purchasing Department is in Trouble

Erroneous procurement processes can cause bottlenecks in growing your business. On the other hand, proper management and using of appropriate metrics will help run your everyday operations smoothly. Think of your purchasing department as theContinue Reading

Guidelines for Ecommerce Fulfillment Workflow

Many startup entrepreneurs take order fulfillment lightly without understanding its dangerous impact on the business. I would tell you that this particular aspect is error-prone. Picking, packing, boxing, shipping … these are repetitive tasks thatContinue Reading

eCommerce Weekly Checklis: Get Employees to Think Like Owners

Problem/Opportunity: Motivating employees can be difficult. Aren’t they supposed to show up to work already motivated? The zeal that a business owner has for his/her own business is what can make it really challenging forContinue Reading

eCommerce Weekly Checklist: Internal Site Search

The Problem/Opportunity: When visiting content-heavy e-commerce sites, people want to find product/service information as quickly as possible. Typically, visitors don’t want to waste time clicking through menus. If they can’t find what they are lookingContinue Reading

Deciding to decide: How to end the agony of decision-making.

Running an online store involves constant decision-making and picking choices that may lead to irreversible consequences. There are so many factors to think of. However, you can’t afford to spend countless of hours thinking andContinue Reading